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Hochis is a Digital marketing agency is a customer centric company helping many businesses become successful in this digital age.

Hochis offers various niche aspects of Digital business, including marketing, lead generation, social media management, company formations, work from home systems.

Featured Projects

Client Finding Services

Client Finding Services is a leading Lead Generation Company providing leads for other 22 countries Worldwide.

The team at Client Finding Services (CFS) are very experienced in media buying in many verticals; Email Marketing, Social Media, Native and Push. With an in-house Design Department, CFS provides highly engaging creatives.

Working as a team in 2019 CFS provided the Financial and Real Estate Industry in excess of 50,000 high quality leads from in house GDPR regulated data.

To Learn More about Client Finding Services, please visit www.clientfindingservices.com

The Gab Guys

Recently acquired to the Hochi Brand are The Gab Guys which at this moment are two online magazines that started in 2018 and now have joined under the Hochi Umbrella. These 2 online content sites will grow into respected journals on Health and Investment.

In mid 2019 Hochi started to restructure the content and as 2 works in progress we now recruit and employ a team of content writers who specialise in Finance, Investments etc for www.investmentgab.com and health, lifestyle for www.healthygab.com

These two “gabs” are already giving many people pleasure and the investment by Hochi is seeing daily returns, higher than we imagined at this juncture.


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